Ricardo\Ricardo My introduction to the world of sword making brings me back to the small craft workshop in the heart of the historic quarter of Toledo where my grandfather and father worked alongside each other. It was a wrought-iron and locksmith workshop founded by my grandfather, a disciple of the Master craftsman Don Julio Pascual, from whom, like my father too, he learnt his trade and would steer him toward the craft of swords-maker where he would himself later achieve a certificate of Master craftsman in the art of sword making.

Since I was 13 years old I have always been involved, almost without realizing the meaning of it, in the incredible world of the forge working and sword making. I think that this period of my youth was when I gradually learned the noble trade of forge and sword-making.


Summer after summer, year after year, until I was 17 year sold I witnessed different periods and changes taking place in the workshop, always under the stewardship of my father. Several enlargements, the retirement of my grandfather, my father taking over the business; without still realizing it they were slowly training me for what has now become my passion.

After some time training in Madrid I returned to Toledo and spent more and more time in the workshop of Don Antonio Arellano, working, helping out and learning from the only Toledo Swordsmith Master.


After a time we decided in 2003 to establish a joint business together and that I would dedicate myself to learning the art of sword making.

In the years that followed I got totally involved in the workshop, creating pieces of excellence using ancient and almost forgotten techniques in the area of the traditional locksmith, the forging of stainless steel and handcrafted etching…

Bit by bit I obtained recognition within the trade and more importantly for me, that of my father D. Antonio Arellano Pulgar, Master Swordsmith craftsman.


From then onwards my confidence grew as I became capable of undertaking more complicated works and created my own characteristic way of sword making. Each piece receives my own personal input and touch, which like my father´s own work, make them unique and can be seen and found worldwide.


My training still continues today; it is something that is never completed and goes hand- in- hand with a desire for the development of new approaches to sword making and to other traditional Toledo craft making disciplines. A desire that was fulfilled in 2015 with the establishment of the platform “Artesanía Tradicional Toledana” (“Traditional Toledo Craft Board”), which will integrate, protect, support and promote international recognition for traditional Toledo craftsmanship.




Tony Arellano


Swordsmith work craftsman




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