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The most popular Toledo race, which celebrates its XXXIV edition through the streets of the Imperial city this year, will present six daggers created by the Master Swordsmith Antonio Arellano and his son Tony Arellano to the winners.

     The race, which was founded in 1982 by a group of friends who love athletics with the idea of promoting this sport, XXXIV edition comes to break records of participation. A total of 5,000 athletes will bid farewell to the year in the healthiest way.

Hard distance of 8 km long, starting and finishing in the Paseo de Merchan, through the streets of Toledo on December 31, has become a Christmas classic.  Race map route.

Besides the personal satisfaction for completing the circuit, this year runners will have the additional motivation to get in return a unique master piece of Toledo hand-crafted swordmaking. Six fabulous daggers created by master craftsman Antonio Arellano, will be awarded to the top finishers in the male and female categories.

The winners will receive a left-handed dagger with shell shaped openwork guard and etched with the logo of the race and for those who come in second and third place, a left-handed dagger sailed shaped wich has also engraved the Toledo San Silvestre logo.

 For more information about the race here.


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