Swept-hilt Cut-and-Thrust Sword Model 2

Replica of the rapier of the 15th to 17th centuries
Espada de Lazos punta y corte en hierro y puno de cuero (modelo 2).2
Espada de Lazos punta y corte en hierro y puno de cuero (modelo 2).1
Sales price: 726 €
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Material Hilt Finish Hilt Material Grip Finish Grip
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(+40,00 € without TAX) Enter the recording that you like to see done in the blade of the sword

A hand-crafted sword made in the tradition of the old methods of Toledo Master Swordsmiths, keeping alive the fame of Toledo steel.

Craftsmen Records:

This particular sword is optimised in terms of weight, size and balance for use in the noble art of ancient fencing. The hilt is of welded iron, composed of various wrought iron and welded loops.

Length: 112 cm

Weight: 1100 g


Product / Sword Attribute

Discover how to configure your own sword with this video.


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