Templar Longsword

Templar Longsword
Mandoble Templario en laton envejecido y puno de cuero.1
Mandoble Templario en laton envejecido y puno de cuero.3
Sales price: 339 €
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"The Order of the Temple was created after the First Crusade in order to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. Its famous Templar warriors, carrying this type of longsword, had a reputation for fighting to the death. In less than two centuries, they went from heroes to fugitives, until in 1312, Pope Clement V, under pressure from the French King Philip IV, dissolved the order. "

Craftsmen Records:

Flat cross-guard with a semi-circular quillon-block engraved with a Templar 'T', with flat 'bow-tie' quillons with V-shaped finials.

Disc-shaped pommel engraved with a Templar 'T'.

Wide blade with two facets and two fullers.

Length: 137 cm

Weight: 2.700 gr


Product / Sword Attribute

Discover how to configure your own sword with this video.


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