Sword of Alfonso X El Sabio (13th century)

Alfonso X of Castile, known as 'El Sabio' (the Wise), b. Toledo 1221.
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"Alfonso X of Castile, known as 'El Sabio' (the Wise), b. Toledo 1221. Son of Ferdinand III 'The Saint', he was King of Castile and Leon. While still a prince, he was involved in important events such as the conquest of the Kingdom of Murcia, but the reign of Alfonso X was marked above all by its cultural achievements. He is considered the founder of Castilian prose, and the adoption of Castilian as an official language can be dated from this time. He founded the famous Toledo School of Translators. Motivated exclusively by cultural ambitions, the King made a clean sweep of racial and religious differences, bringing together Jews, Muslims, Castilians and Italians, who collaborated freely, giving the group a universal reach."

Craftsmen Records:

This sword has a chiselled cross-guard and quillons curved towards the blade with cloverleaf finials.

It has a cylindrical, almond-shaped grip, with Gothic-sytle mesh overlay.

Its pommel is irregularly shaped, also with engraved mesh matching the pommel.

Blade with four facets, with an engraved fuller.

Length: 96 cm

Weight: 2,350 g


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