Celtic Sword

Celtic Sword Replica
140012 - Espada_celta_en_hierro_y_puño_de_cuero_2
140012 - Espada_celta_en_laton_y_puño_de_cuero_1
140012 - Espada_celta_en_laton_y_puño_de_cuero_2
Sales price: 266 €
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(+40,00 € without TAX) Enter the recording that you like to see done in the blade of the sword



The Celts, native people of Asia, settled down in center Europe expanding westward reaching the Iberian Peninsula. They were a group of tribal societies, warriors by nature with a wide and long tradition in sword production.”

Craftsmen Records:

Small and curved “U” shape rounded cross-guard opening towards the blade.

“U” shape rounded pommel opening upward with a spherical piece in the middle.

Narrow blade at the beginning ending wider.


Product / Sword Attribute

Discover how to configure your own sword with this video.


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