Gold from Toledo, that´s how we could know the nobel art of inlay precious metals as gold and silver in steel. Damascene is a handcraft technique originally from Damascus, Syria, though it spread through different cultures over time, so different as the Egyptian, the Greek or the Roman, as well as the Chinese and Japanese cultures. In this last country, damascene or “ataujia” was used to decorate katanas, tachis and wakizashis (different kind of swords in Medieval Japan). A true ancient tradition, there are remains of damascene pieces from over 1500 years ago indeed.

Much has been written on the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ, Knights of the Temple of Salomon, usually known as Order of Temple since on March 22, 1312, the Pope Clemente V signed the Papal Bull Vox in Excelso that dissolved it, almost two centuries after its foundation in 1119 by nine French knights in Jerusalem and which first Master was Hughes Payns.

We´re aware of these former dates and how many of you are changing iron for laser, and Crusades for Star Wars. Without any devaluation of “Star wars” (from me to you, there are many Jedis hidden around), we leave you the Swedish movie “Arn, the Templar Knight”, that we recommend to have a look at since it is a prominent review of the same-name novel, part of the Crusades Trilogy by Jan Guillou, on Templar Knights, their myth and reality.


Easter time, holidays everywhere, just a short gift for you fans of history and medieval issues. Let´s get back in time with this folk cover of "Another brick in the Wall" made by Belarusian medieval folk band Stary Olsa. Good work, guys, it makes us search for the next medieval festival around.


Today we are talking about the, probably, ten most famous swords in history.  We’re pleased to receive your suggestions for adding new candidates to this top ten list, but now we are making a first approach to Carlomagno, Napoleon, El Cid, William Wallace and the samurai Tomoyuki Yanashita.


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