Today we are talking about the, probably, ten most famous swords in history.  We’re pleased to receive your suggestions for adding new candidates to this top ten list, but now we are making a first approach to Carlomagno, Napoleon, El Cid, William Wallace and the samurai Tomoyuki Yanashita.


Sometimes we wonder if we deeply know our history, the one that made us reach the times we live now, the fact is that workdays are so busy that we don´t have time enough to stop and dive down in our past. At “Espadas de Toledo”  we´ll discover interesting scraps of our history, unknown episodes and we´ll get closer to those ones to look back at our past so we can build a better world.

Artesanía Tradicional Toledana SL is a company dedicated to the promotion and international awareness of Toledo Craftsmen and Craftwork. We offer an integrated service in promoting their Crafted pieces, from the introduction of new techniques and innovation processes for sales and distribution to organising cultural events, or attendance at international trade fairs, with the aim of promoting the Craftwork of our Master Craftsmen, Outside and beyond Toledo itself.

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