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From June 3rd it is possible to visit in Toledo the outstanding handcraft exhibition by the Master Swordsmith Antonio Arellano at the tower of Saint Martin´s bridge ("puente de San Martín" location) in Toledo, thanks to the cooperation agreement between the company Artesania Tradicional Toledana S.L. and Toledo City Council that has kindly offered this impressive setting to promote handcraft. The exhibition will be opened to the public until next June 27th from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00 you can enjoy of a set of handmade steel swords made by the Master Swordsmith Antonio Arellano Pulgar.


We leave you some of the exclusive items that you can enjoy. All the swords are provided with a QR code that allow you to access to a wide information over its handcrafted elaboration, history and price, and you can buy them right there.

Sword of Hernan Cortes


 Queen Isabel I of Castille´s sword

 Tizona Spanish sword from 16th century

Juan de Austria´s sword


Swept-hilt Italian sword " Schiavona "

 Chiselled and engraved Roman dagger

You can see here the rest of pieces from "Swords in History".

How to get there in Toledo.

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