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During the last weeks we could enjoy the iron sculpture exhibition of the forger craftsman Juan Antonio Sánchez García-Page, son of the craftsman master Antonio Sánchez Gómez as a good example of the renovation in craftsmanship, with the purpose to extend it through new spaces worldwide. Juan Antonio was finalist of the National Award of Craftsmanship in 2009; he has carried out singular projects with his father like the next ones: the Gothic lamps of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid; the forge´s restoration of Toledo Cathedral since 2007; the lamps of the Cathedral in Panama in 2015. He´s been doing exhibitions of sculpture in forge in several cities like Madrid, Miami, San Sebastián or Cádiz.




Juan Antonio Sánchez García-Page

Without any doubt, a new generation of craftsmen is emerging, trying to keep the excellence of the great master craftsmen as Antonio Sánchez Gómez and talking about his son Juan Antonio, whose exhibition in the tower of Saint Martin´s bridge in Toledo has received many visits in April. It must be recognized that learning and the early vocation began to bear fruit thanks to the entry of fresh air in his sculptural works made in forge. These works go in depth into contemporary art sometimes worrying, for example his masterpiece “Mask” results captivating, in others for example in “Vine” the vision of this work is beautiful and evocative, with motifs so rooted in our region and in other occasions we wonder if this work of art wouldn´t fit at the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art in Cuenca, that this year commemorates its 50th anniversary and has got sculptures of the great Chillida, together with paintings and works using mixed techniques of great masters of Spanish abstract art like Zobel, Torner, Tapies, Saura, Miralles and Canogar, who -although not so well known- were not less talented than the painters that belonged to the American abstract expressionism of the 50s.

 In short, this exhibition has been a nice surprise of a promising artist, located in a place not usually open to the public with stunning views over Tagus river.

Check the next exhibitions at St. Martin´s bridge.

Broken world

 Town of Castille

Detail of Town of Castille


 Detail of Bruto



Detail of Path



Detail of Vine



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