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Today we are talking about the, probably, ten most famous swords in history.  We’re pleased to receive your suggestions for adding new candidates to this top ten list, but now we are making a first approach to Carlomagno, Napoleon, El Cid, William Wallace and the samurai Tomoyuki Yanashita.



Katana sword of the samurai Honjo Masamune

Espada del samurai Honjo Masamune

The most famous Masamune’s sword is called Honjo Masamune. It’s so important because it represents the shogunate during Edo period in Japan. The last known owner was Tokugawa Iemasa, afterwards it disappeared and its location is still a mistery today. 


Carlomagno´s Joyeuse sword 


Espada Joyeuse de Carlomagno en el Louvre 

Joyeuse is the name of Carlomagno’s sword. Nowadays there are two swords called Joyeuse, one is kept at Schatzkammer Weltliche in Vienna and the other one can be seen at the Louvre Museum in Paris. After Carlomagno’s death, the sword was given to Saint Denis Basilica and moved from there to the Louvre Museum after being used in a procession for the crowning of the king and queen of France.


 Zulfiqar Arabic sword


Espada árabe Zulfiqar


It is described as a weapon with two parallel blades, highlighting its mystical capabilities and speed. It exists still today and is kept under Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi possession. The sword is part of the famous collection called Al-Jafr.


Clemency sword



The Clemency sword has the blade unfortunately broken, in 1236 it was called Curtana and from then it has been used in Royal ceremonies. The truth about the sword breaking is unknown, but the mythological story says that the point was broken when an angel was trying to prevent an unfair massacre. The Clemency sword takes part of the Royal Crown Treasure of the United Kingdom and is one of the five used during the crowning of the British monarchs.


Emperor Napoleon´s sword



Napolen was the owner of a big collection of weapons and artillery. This sword was used by Napoleon at battles. At the begining of 1800, Napoleon gave its sword to his brother as a wedding present and it was transmitted from generation to generation in Bonaparte’s family. In 1978, the sword was declared National Treasure in France.


Cid Campeador´s Tizona sword 



" El Cid " used really many different swords in his life, but the two most famous are Colada and Tizona. Tizona was the sword used by El Cid to fight against The Moors. This weapon is one of the most beloved relics in Spain, it has two inscriptions, one with manufacturing date in 1002 and the other one referring the Catholic prayer Ave María. Nowadays, Tizona sword is exhibited at a Museum in Burgos, on Northern Spain.


You can find a reproduction in our online shop, where you can also find the sword Colada. You can customize both swords and with the possibility to set an etched text in acid engrave.


 William Wallace´s sword


William Wallace´s sword


William Wallace’s sword is at the National Monument in Stirling, Scotland. The axis is 132 cms long and it weights 2,7 kgs. It is said to be the sword used by William Wallace for Stirling Bridge Battle in 1297 and Falkirk Battle in 1298. 


The seven branches sword



The weapon is an iron sword with 6 protuberances with branch shape along the central blade. The sword was build with ceremonial purposes, not for fighting. The original 7 branches sword is at Isonokami sanctuary in Nara prefecture in Japan. It is not publicly exhibited. 


Saint Martin´s curved sabre



One of the most valued posesions of José de San Martín was the curved sabre he bought in London. San Martin loved the curve shape of the sabre and he felt that the weapon was very easy to use and ideal for the battle, that’s why he supplied his army with this kind of sword. The curved sword stayed with San Martin until his death and then it was for the General of Argentina, Mr. Juan Manuel de Rosas.


In 1896 the weapon was kept at the National History Museum in Buenos Aires, where it remains so far.


Tomoyuki Yanashita´s sword



During his military career, Tomoyuki Yamashita had a personal sword with a blade made by the famous Kanenaga Fujiwara somewhere between 1640 and 1680. The samurai sword was given by General Yamashita, with his army, on September 2 1945. It was taken by General MacArthur and given to the West Point Museum where it is still today.




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