Sometimes we wonder if we deeply know our history, the one that made us reach the times we live now, the fact is that workdays are so busy that we don´t have time enough to stop and dive down in our past. At “Espadas de Toledo”  we´ll discover interesting scraps of our history, unknown episodes and we´ll get closer to those ones to look back at our past so we can build a better world.

In our Christmas campaign, our Master Swordsmith craftsmen and artisans of damascene would like to show you their exact reproductions of historic swords and damascene jewellery, all made in the ancient city of Toledo. Because tradition and modernity can join hands without any need to sell forgeries, Chinese or Indian industrial product. Craftsmanship is art and history and it can´t ever be faked.

Among the promotions, you will find 10% off discount, in  beauties like these ones: 

A templar sword with fluted pommel from 185€ (VAT included) customizable online and with the chance to insert your inscription engraved in acid. An absolute wonder available online in our store that will take you at the end of the first Crusade, when the Order of Templars was founded to protect the pilgrims in Holy Land on their way to Jerusalem.

Espada templaria de pomo estriado, customizable online y con posibilidad de grabaciones al ácido. 10% descuento en regalos de Navidad

Templar sword


Francisco Pizarro`s sword, from 174 € (VAT included) customizable and with the possibility to insert your inscription engraved in acid. It´s a beauty of 16th century that carries us back to the discovery and colonization of America, in particular Francisco Pizarro´s figure and his presence in the current Peru.


Espada de Francisco Pizarro de acero al carbono, acabado rústico y puño de madera. Customizable online y con posibilidad de grabado al ácido

Francisco Pizarro´s sword


Of course you will find Christopher Columbus´ sword from 185 € (VAT included) customizable and engraved. It´s an identical reproduction by the master swordsmith Antonio Arellano, the true custodian of the Toledan sword tradition, who nowadays goes on making beautiful reproductions from originals like these ones.

Espada de Cristóbal Colón, descubridor de América, en latón plateado, customizable online y con posibilidad de grabados al ácido en Espadas de Toledo online

 Christopher Columbus´s sword

As a last example, we´re going to Yuste Abbey where Emperor Charles V retired just taking one sword with him. You will discover it in our store at 174 € (VAT included), customizable too and with the chance of engraving.

Espada del emperador Carlos V de Alemania y I de España, en Espadas de Toledo online, maestros espaderos

Emperor Charles V´s sword


The "acero toledano" (steel from Toledo), the swordsmith masters, the beautiful city of Toledo and its history welcome you to “Espadas de Toledo” (swords from Toledo). We hope to see you coming over soon to our profiles on Facebook Artesanía Tradicional Toledana - Espadas y Damasquinados, and Twitter Artesanía de Toledo @espadas_toledo, where you will be able to find history, culture, craftsmanship and many Middle Age swords. We are waiting for you !


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