Espada Vikinga.


Las Espadas Vikingas: Historia y proceso de elaboración artesanal.

Espadas Medievales: espadas de la Era Vikinga.

¡Buenas Forjadores! Estamos de vuelta y cómo no podía ser de otra manera, con una de las espadas más importantes de la historia: La Espada Vikinga.

Artesanía Tradicional Toledana en Albaladejo

Espadas artesanas para Recreación Histórica

En esta ocasión, desde Artesanía Tradicional Toledana queremos poner de relieve la importancia que tiene la Historia, y con ello los eventos de recreación histórica para nuestro proyecto, y es que representando a unos oficios tan ligados a la tradición, no podría ser de otra manera.

1.- Blade.

1.1 Components.

Steel- Is the raw material employed in the elaboration process of a handmade sword based on an iron and carbon alloy or other combined elements, to achieve special metal properties. Our swords are elaborated following the old traditional methods of sword making techniques using carbon steel.


Handicraft products adapted for films, tv series and theatre productions.

Artesanía Tradicional Toledana offers a wide range of solutions and sale and rental services of handicraft products adapted for films, television series and  theatre productions .

We are specialists in the elaboration of  hand-made objects  in sword works, damascene works  and forge  work, offering a totally customized product to our clients.

From June 3rd it is possible to visit in Toledo the outstanding handcraft exhibition by the Master Swordsmith Antonio Arellano at the tower of Saint Martin´s bridge ("puente de San Martín" location) in Toledo, thanks to the cooperation agreement between the company Artesania Tradicional Toledana S.L. and Toledo City Council that has kindly offered this impressive setting to promote handcraft. The exhibition will be opened to the public until next June 27th from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00 you can enjoy of a set of handmade steel swords made by the Master Swordsmith Antonio Arellano Pulgar.

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