Artesanía Tradicional Toledana SL is a company dedicated to the promotion and international awareness of Toledo Craftsmen and Craftwork. We offer an integrated service in promoting their Crafted pieces, from the introduction of new techniques and innovation processes for sales and distribution to organising cultural events, or attendance at international trade fairs, with the aim of promoting the Craftwork of our Master Craftsmen, Outside and beyond Toledo itself.



Hand Made in Toledo has been established thanks to the support and involvement of Illustrious Master Craftsmen in such distinguished disciplines such as Sword-Making and Damascene-Work.

Hand Made in Toledo sets the highest quality and standards in terms of the originality and authenticity of each of its products.

This guarantees the final customer that the purchased product has been Hand Made in Toledo by Craftsmen with long and extensive artistic experience who are also recognized as Master Craftsmen by both the Spanish Ministry of Industry and by their own peers.

Our final aim is to protect and differentiate the Hand Crafted product from mass-produced replicas made in an industrialized and delocalized way.



Each hand made crafted product is made especially on demand, allowing our customers to specify their personal preferences a and tastes throughout the purchasing process.

Once you have placed and confirmed your order the selected craftsman will begin to create your own intrinsic piece, completely respecting and following the traditional methods of elaborating ancient handmade crafts.

The final product will be personally certified by your Master Craftsman. Each completed piece will be unique, not only because of the level of personalization involved, but also due to its inherent imperfection arisen from a totally Hand Made Crafting process, where no two pieces will ever be identical.





Imagen de un hierro incandescente y una maza sobre un yunque

Artesanía Tradicional Toledana offers a wide range of solutions and sale and rental services of handicraft products adapted for films, television series and theatre productions .

We are specialists in the elaboration of hand-made objects in sword works, damascene works and forge work, offering a totally customized product to our clients.

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